Trampoline & Tumbling Program

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High School Cheer Tumbling Program

These classes are especially for current high school cheerleaders and those wanting to tryout for a high school team. These classes are offered later in the evening to accommodate the needs of our high school athletes. Specific skills taught in these classes range from round-offs, standing backhand springs, standing back tucks, to running tumbling skills through layouts and full’s as well as basic front tumbling. These classes are held throughout the week. For more information contact the gym.

Martial Arts Trampoline & Tumbling

These classes are great for those who wish to learn any and every aspect of tumbling. Some of the specific tricks we work are back flips and front flips as well as twisting, round offs back handsprings front-handsprings, and combination tumbling. In addition to tumbling we also offer instruction on the trampoline. This will help them with their air-awareness, and aid in their ability to perform and complete tricks more confidently. We also offer some karate teachings as well, including tricks like Bee twists, Raises, corks, genars, websters, pop-flashes, and anything else the student may want to learn. Also, upon request, we offer a series of strength and conditioning, including dips, pushups, chin-ups, hollow and arch rocks, sit upsand many others as well. These classes are held throughout the week, if you would like more information, please contact the gym