Active Explorers Gymnastics Programs


(COED Crawling – 16 Months) These classes are specifically designed for you and your child to wander and explore the surrounding environment with an instructor in a guided play setting.  This 30 minute class will introduce your child to basic movements, heights, coordination and mobility. 


(COED Ages 16 months – 3 Years)  These classes are specifically designed for you and your child to explore various obstacle courses and circle time.  These courses are designed to explore basic movements with an emphasis on building motor skills, body awareness, developing strength, balance, and coordination. You will enjoy a bonding atmosphere with your child where they will learn socialization skills, how to follow an instructor, and build upon their physical and emotional development.


(COED 3-5 Years) These classes are for children who are ready to explore gymnastics on their own. They will do all basic shapes such as tuck, straddle and pike, while continuing to work on listening skills, following a structured environment, and building a skill baseline. The format of these classes follows 3 to 4 obstacle courses on different apparatuses with occasional games and other activities. Preschool classes are a fun introduction to the world of gymnastics. We learn do gymnastics at Active Athletics as well as socialization activities. Students learn headstands, rolls, cartwheels and even flips for 55 min. We utilize all the Olympic apparatus as well as our own specialized preschool shapes and props. classes are co-ed and through  our use of various and creative obstacle circuits your child will develop strength, coordination, motor skill development, improve their listening skills, in a fun, safe and challenging environment. Most importantly in all of our classes your child will develop self esteem and social skills that will last a life time.


(GIRLS 5-6 Years) These classes are for those that have mastered the preschool program and are ready to participate in the program structure of our girls gymnastics classes.  These classes mirror the same curriculum as our Beginner classes; the only difference is that the class caters to the younger gymnasts of this age while in a fun environment. The goal of this class is for each child to work independently while in a structured environment.

Hot Shots

This class is by invitation only by our staff.  This class is for 3-5 year olds who show the potential in skill level, flexibility, coordination, behavior, and strength.  The class meets twice a week for an hour and a half each time which prepares the gymnasts for our pre-team competitive program.  We focus on strength, flexibility, and increasing self confidence while having fun.

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